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The Arabian Horse

The second installment of quotes from Pieces of Perfection This paper was written by Howard F. Kale Jr., Karho Farms Inc. and Dee B. Whittlesey, M.D., Zodiac Farms. We chose this particular paper because of the way the authors described their approach to breeding. We feel that the article is right on point and most inspiring.

Quotes from Pieces of Perfection Part II

      The procedure of evaluation of and selection at Kale's Arabian Horses first recognizes several
fundamental and immutable factors of the physical process of inheritance.

       1.)  Genetic material (hence the heritable factors of resultant phenotype) is not and cannot be
created by the breeder.  It can only be selected from and recombined through generations of

       2.)  Each mating operates as a random selection of one-half of the total genetic material of the
sire and of the dam.  All the infinite number of possible selections and combinations are of equal
probability.  From one mating, all possibilities are equally likely to occur.   The breeder has no
power of influence or predetermination as to which specific sample of the genetic material of the
sire and of the dam will be delivered for the combination to conceive the foal.

       3.)  The resultant new generation of each mating and its genetic material is limited by and to
the genetic potential of the sire and dam, severally, and upon conception, jointly.

       4.)  The exact genetic constitution of each foal and therefore its individual potential is:

              A.)   Irrevocably determined at conception.

              B.)   Fixed as only and exactly one of the infinite possibilities.

              C.)   Limited by the potential of its parentage, and

              D.)   IS the actual selection that created it, which may or may not be similar to other
                     samples of the identical or closely related parentage.

         It justly follows that the superior progeny (improved from its parents) is produced by a
combination of desirable genetic selections from its sire and its dam.  And its degree of excellence
can only result in relation to the excellence of the genetic potential from which it was created.
Therefore, the exceptional foal can only be produced from parentage of excellent potential AND
desirable selections therefrom.  It also follows that less desirable combinations may occur.  It is
very unlikely that a parent will ever deliver the same contribution to even two of its offspring.


       Therefore, the principle tool of evaluation and selection at Kale's Arabian Horses is
examination and appraisal of each individual, as an Individual, and based on the summation of
the merits, excellence, and demerits it uniquely possesses.

         Pedigree evaluation is useful in estimating the genetic potential of an individual.  However,
the pedigree provides no useful knowledge or analysis unless one has evaluated the individuals
so recorded and can conclude the descendant to be a worthy selection from its renowned ancestors
and to have been delivered with the noteworthy features and excellence potential of its lineage.

         Progeny evaluation is also a useful tool in estimating genetic potential, and becomes
increasingly informative with the sample size available for observation.  However, precise
deductions and conclusions must be limited, since progeny can inform only as to what selections
have been delivered to that sample in the past and cannot foretell a specific selection in the

        Thus the various factors and appraisals are considered and matings chosen for and with their
accompanying expectations and hopes of result.  The final necessary analysis is a critical
evaluation of the actual foal produced.  Only if it meets expectations, is a desirable selection and
combination, is a worthy representative, and/or is a useful result, does it then qualify to
contribute to future generations.

        In the pursuit of perfection, it is our belief that breeding stock must be evaluated, judged
and selected individually for their potential contribution of excellence to succeeding generations.
Those individuals just "good" may be successful if judged by a standard of lack of faults, but if
combined do not possess the potential of perfection.  Individuals possessing outstanding
characters and merits, with minor deficiencies, have the potential in complementary matings to
produce the superlative.

        Our dedication is to select and combine the pieces of perfection, from whatever sources
presently displayed in the breed, into the superb combination of all.  It is only virtue combined
with virtue that can, in the ultimate, yield perfection.  At Kale's Arabian Horses, we seek to
preserve or enhance nothing, but

                                               THE SUPREME GOAL OF PERFECTION

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