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Last month we posted a survey that posed a list of questions
dealing with Showing and an alternative organization
The following is a result of that survey.

There were a total of 77 responses

          1.)  Do you feel an alternative organization is needed?   74 Yes  3 No
          2.)  Would you be interested in an organization that was for amateurs only? 
75 Yes  2 No
          3.)  Would you consider one or two day shows to limit the cost of showing? 
74 Yes  3 No
          4.)  Would you consider an organization that is not affiliated with ASHA 
75 Yes  2 No
          5.)  Do you feel that the specifications for breed standard need to be more clearly defined 
70 Yes  7 No
          6.)  Do you feel that programs like Breeders Sweepstakes help the breed? 
10 Yes  67 No
          7.)  Would you favor a system that would allow you show participants to rate a judge's perfomance?
77 Yes 0 No


We make no claims that our monthly survey is in anyway scientific.  We give a true
accounting of responses and only offer them for your discussion and consideration.
Thanks to all of you who took the time to respond.

August Survey

Do you currently own Arabian horses?  Yes No

If so how many:

Have you ever owned Arabian horses? Yes  No

If you presently do not own an Arabian horse, would you consider purchasing one? Yes No

It would be interesting if those who own Arabians would like to comment about why you like Arabians and why you have decided to make them your breed of choice.  Any personal stories, achievements, or show history are welcome.

Arabian Horse Comments:

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