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The Arabian Horse

This page is made possible due to the efforts of an individual who
unselfishly provides us with the needed research to present it.
We thank you for your kindness and your true dedication to the Arabian horse!


       For our first installment, we have selected some passages from a paper entitled, "Pieces
of Perfection, Genetic Knowledge Applied to Horse Breeding". 
This paper was written by
Howard F. Kale Jr., Karho Farms Inc. and Dee B. Whittlesey, M.D., Zodiac Farms.   We chose
this particular paper because of the way the authors described their approach to breeding.   We
feel that the article is right on point and most inspiring. 

Quotes from Pieces of Perfection

      "The perfect Arabian is an ideal that has not yet existed, even among the most renowned
horses of the past.  But pieces of perfection do exist, displayed in offspring of those legendary
horses, whose bloodlines play a dominant role in the finest breeding programs of today."


      "Each breeder must define, evaluate and establish his own breeding goal.  That breeding
goal at Kale's Arabians Horses is the attainment of PERFECTION.  Perfection in all aspects
of correct, able and useful structure combined with the classic standards of beauty, proportion,
quality, temperament and the extreme refinement of the Arabian breed.  Creations of fine art,
endowed with the willingness and capacity of superior physical achievement."

       "In the attainment of his goal, each breeder has at his disposal the present living individuals
of the breed and if one is so fortunate, a personal knowledge of those past individuals from
which today's generations were selected.  It is each breeders unique evaluation and selection
(in harmony with and directed by his breeding goal) of and among these present individuals, 
each composed of it's specific set of virtues, superiority's, insufficiencies, genetic endowment
and heritage, that determines the matings he directs.  The matings thus selected, operating
under the inherent function and constraint of the physical prowess of genetic inheritance, produce
and determine the future generations and the attainments of the breeder."


drawing.jpg (21312 bytes)
This drawing by Gladys Brown Edwards is a splendid representation of the near perfect
Arabian horse. This horse has an excellent length of croup, good arch to it's neck,
  excellent length and angulation of shoulder, good straight legs, and of course, an exotic
  head with large, expressive eyes, a large jowl and an overall dryness of the facial bones.


Part II in our next update

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