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Region XVI

Marylou Yuskiewicz

       The Region 16 Championship Horse Show took place on July 15-18, 1999 at the
NYS Fairgrounds in Syracuse, NY.  This show was sponsored by Region 16.  443
gorgeous Arabians showed throughout the 4 day show.  Listed are some of the larger
stables that came to show their versatile Arabians:

       Omni, Hy-Wynne Farms, Snook Training Stable, Carosel Farms, Echo Hill Farm,
Phelan Training Stable, Leysbach Farm, Stachowski Farm, Thowbridges's, Victory
Lane Stables, Debbie Reed Training, Stillwater Farm, Classic Training Centre, The
Best of Both Worlds, Wellington Arabians, Maureen Quillan Ltd., North Ridge Farm,
Lakeside Stable, Meadow Ridge, Zekan Arabians, JL Arabians, Jubilee Show Horses,
Classic Arabians, Johnson Arabians, Dunromin, White Oak Farm, Mishugina Arabians,
Springwater Farm, Chestnut Hill Arabians, Brasslite Arabians, Desert Fox Arabians,
and Burger Training Centre.

       Various vendors were on the grounds:   Esengards, State Line Tack Shop, The
Gorgeous Horse, Horse Tales and IAHA to name a few.

       No show is ever complete without a well-run show staff.  Show Manager Gaylon
Medley and her staff did another spectacular  job with this show.  Show officials were:
Secretary - Marlene Kriegbaum, Office - Sally Story and Michael Kriegbaum,
Announcer - Hank Martin, Barn Manager - Roger Baldwin, Course Designer Over
Fence - Naomi Blumenthal, Coolers/Prize Money - Sally Smith & Sherry Christopher,
EMT - Barbara McCabe, Hospitality - Lee & Sherry Christopher, Dressage Manager -
Ann Fowler, Farrier - Norm Carney, Feed/Bedding - Mike Teske, Organist - Nancy
Roberts, Paddock Manager - Paula Haney, Photographer - Jeff Janson, Ring Clerk -
Barbara Longley, Ringmaster - Jack Dougherty, Scorer IAHA - Connie Curtis, Asst.
Scorer - Ellen Baldwin, ASHA Steward - Carolyn Kuhn, Veterinarian - Fingerlakes
Equine Practice, Videos - Horse Videos, Inc.

       Judging the 4-day Show were:  Jackie Johnston (Missouri), Robert Purtee
(California), and Gerald Mcrae (Michigan), Dressage Show - Janet Black (New York),
Hunter Judge - Annabelle Francia-Kiss (New York).

       The date for next years Regionals are July 13 - 17, 2000 to be held in West
Springfield, Mass.  Place the date on your calendars.  Don't miss showing in the new
century.  Can't hardly believe it's almost here.

       The hospitality tent was managed by Lee Christopher, who as always, did a great
job of handling the people coming for the "free" water and lemonade.  They were also
giving away free bags of popcorn.  Approximately 200 gallons of water and lemonade
were given out throughout the 4-day show.  On Sunday morning, everyone was treated
to "homemade pancakes" for breakfast made by Lee Christopher.  Last year I had
an opportunity to sample some of Lee's pancakes, no more restaurants for me!  Each
morning, donuts and bagels were available in the Hospitality Room.

       On Wednesday Evening the "Welcome Party" was held at the Jukebox Restaurant.
"Free" hot dogs and hamburgers to the exhibitors.  What a great way to start a show!
The Jukebox Restaurant was busy at this show with the Chicken Barbecue held on
Saturday night.  Good food and a lot of conversation makes for a fun evening!  I bet
"you" thought the horses had all the fun.  Sounds like the exhibitors sampled a lot of
good food at the show!

       $16,500 Regional prize money was given out to the non-sweepstakes classes. 
Every Grand Champion received an embroidered cooler.

       Here's a few rules for the year 2000 to keep in mind:  1.)  No longer will there be a
fee for sequential elimination.  2.)  Horses qualified this year is good for 2000 only.

       This show was fun for the exhibitors/horses/spectators and the staff.  You missed
this year but the New Year is right around the corner.  Hope to see you riding your
horse to the Championship in the year 2000.  




We would like to send our congratulations out to Sensational Bey, his Get, and his
owners Jim Maroney and Robert Chengerian.   At the Region 16 Champion Show,
Sensational Bey once again proved his significance as a sire.  Five of Bey's get
were entered into the Regional Championship classes and brought home a Reserve
Championship and Five Top 5 awards.  Congratulations to the following owners and
their horses:

           SIERRA BEY - Owner - Laurie Beckstead
                                      Top 5 - Arabian Hunter Pleasure Open 
                                                   Shown by Laurie Beckstead
                                      Top 5 - Arabian Hunter Pleasure AOTR 18 - 39
                                                   Shown by Laurie Beckstead

           WICKED SENSATION - Owner - Paula Lynn Batson-Bross
                                      Top 5 - Half/Anglo Arabian Yearling Fillies
                                                   Breeders Sweepstakes
                                                   Shown by Steve Dady

           BEY AU LAIT - Owner - Robert Chengerian
                                      Top 5 - Arabian Yearling Breeders Sweepstakes
                                                   Shown by Larry Jones

           HABANA BEY - Owner - Pamela Hoffman Bluish
                                      Reserve Champion - Arabian Mares AOTH
                                                     Shown by Pamela Hoffman Bluish

           JEST IN TYME - Owner - Priscilla Chen
                                      Top 5 - Arabian 2 Yr Old Gelding
                                                   Breeders Sweepstakes
                                                   Shown by - Anne Cinelli





The Kodak Classic Open Horseshow was held on August 1st at Jensen's Stables in
Fairport, New York. Sunny skies, in the 80's with a slight breeze made for a comfortable
day for all. Our judge Mr. Dan Weeks was in a word "wonderful". He spoke to the children
as well as the adult riders - he laughed and joked with everyone - he was a pleasure to
work with. A special thanks to our show officials: Show Manager/Announcer: Marylou
Yuskiewicz; Show Secretaries: Mary Yuskiewicz, Lisa Guran & Karen Lucas; Gatekeepers:
Tom Wulff & Steve Burkhart; Ringmasters: Kathi Burkhart &Fritz Lucas; Photographer:
Nancy "You Go Girl" Starks; Morning Ribbon Runner: Hayley Starks; Coggins Inspector:
Steve Burkhart and to Tom Matthews (Jensen Stables Head Trainer).

I traditionally ride in the last class of the day, which is the Groom's Class (Walk-Trot). I
asked thestable if I could borrow a horse and they gave me a Palomino Quarter Horse gelding
named Ed. Ed and I entered the ring at a walk, we trotted and then the judge asked for #200
(that was me) to canter! Ed and I never tried this before but with alittle coaxing we did it and we
WON the class! After the class,I placed the 1st place blue ribbon on Ed's stall and gave
him a bag of Treatwell's horse treats for his efforts - thanks Ed that was fun!

After 14 years of being a Show Manager, I have decided to retire. I have had 14 wonderful
years withthe best show staff anyone could ask for but it is time to do other things in my
life. I will continue to announce shows on a limited basis. Thanks to all my show secretaries,
ringmasters and all-around staff the past 14 years - it has been memorable!

I would like to thank our sponsors for the beautiful sponsorship gifts: Leather Therapy,
Horse Bits Magazine, Exhibitor Labs, Equine Journal Magazine, Farnam Horse Products,
Big D'sTack Shop, Professional Choice, K.V. Vet Supply, Snook Training Stable, Capital
Hill Farm, MaureenQuillin, Ltd.,Classy Country Dog, Rochester Red Wings Baseball,
Lisa Guran, Lamont Trophies,Suburban Disposal, Allstate Insurance, Nutrena Feeds, State
Line Tack Shop, GVEC Vet Clinic, Phelan Training Stable, Treatwell's and Agway
Stores (Hilton & Fairport).

Our Leadliners (ages 8 & under) were dressed to perfection. The judge couldn't
make up his mind, so everyone received Blue Ribbons and a Lollipop. The Mom and Dad
Pleasure class had 5 riders that were good sports but the exhibitor that won had everyone
laughing throughout the class. The winner was: Uncle Louie DiGuiseppee on "Ann Marie"
he won (2) tickets, shirt, cap to a Rochester Red Wings baseball game. In the entry area
from time to time ( you could hear) the (2) show secretaries Mary and Lisa swattingflies
that happen to fly by them.

Z-102.jpg (10755 bytes)
Mary Yuskiewicz & Lisa Guran
Show Secretaries
Taking a breather in the entry area

Z-103.jpg (15147 bytes)
Ringmaster Fritz Lucas on left
Judge Dan Weeks on right

The Division winners were:

Sr. Working Hunter Grand Champion: Shannon Knight
Sr. Working Hunter Reserve Champion: Carol Pepper
Jr. Working Hunter Grand Champion: Kaitlin Trebert
  Jr. Working Hunter Reserve Champion: Leigh Murray

Z10.jpg (10089 bytes)
Saddleseat Grand Champion
Pam Rombaugh & Kokomo Key

Z-101.jpg (13423 bytes)
Huntseat Reserve
Grand Champion
Samantha Starks & Golden Caddy

Saddleseat Grand Champion: Pam Rombaugh
Saddleseat Reserve Champion: K.D. Ostertag

Huntseat Grand Champion: Leigh Murray
Huntseat Reserve Champion: Samantha Starks

Walk-Trot Grand Champion: Melissa Colwell
Walk-Trot Reserve Champion: Jill Featherly-Lucas

Open Western Grand Champion: Debbie North Open
Western Reserve Champion: Laurie Boulden

13 & Under Grand Champion: Jeff Burley
13 & Under Reserve Champion: K.D. Ostertag

Junior Grand Champion: Misty Chaplin
Junior Reserve Champion: Andrea Horning

Thank you to the exhibitors, spectators and Jensen Stables for making our 1999
Horseshow a memorable one. We hope to see all of you in the year 2000 at the Classic!

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