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Grandmist Scrapbook

   Pam's 1st Championship               Pam & Her Dad             "Nightmare"
   Pam winning her 1st Championship!              Pam's Dad Congratulating her on a                   Every mother's "Nightmare"!
  At 7 years old Pam & her Palomino               win in a Palomino class.  Fran Flagg,                        A kid with no fear
  "Buddy", winning the Western                        Pam's dad, was a breeder and
  Horsemanship Jr. Rider Championship           promoted many horse shows.
  at the coliseum in Syracuse

Grand Finale       Grand Finale      Grand Finale
  Grand Finale as he flies by the camera.                   Grand Finale on the move again                 Grand Finale takes a bow

  Pam, Loriana & Peter Cameron
Pam, Loriana, and Peter Cameron

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